Maldita Bohemian Pilsener Beer


Bohemian Pilsener Beer

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Product Description

The exclusive use of natural ingredients where they are not added any additive or flavor enhancer;

– The beer is unfiltered and sterile;

– The beer gas comes from the fermentation in the bottle where there is no CO2 injection to promote foam or gas;

– Because of the exclusive use of natural ingredients – especially barley, hops, yeast and water – it is possible to obtain the final product in a distinct taste and aroma – through the gas and the foam.

It has a smooth sweetness that combines perfectly with a soft bitter. It is a more consensual beer because of its aromas, spices and their lightness in taste.
With a clear colour it shows a fine texture and a durable white foam.
Beer pairing: Tapas, sea food and white meat, desserts with bitter fruits;
Alcohol: 9%
Temperature: till 10ºC
Glass: Snifer


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