Honey, Jam, Teas and Herbal Tea

We offer a wonderful range of honey, jam and herbal tea.

Portugal has a tradition in honey. Our traditional range of honey and jams has been sought by north Europe for its quality and flavours. Our landscapes, soil and wilderness, allied to an ancient tradition of beekeeping, enables us to offer one of the best European honeys on the market and to deliver a great variety of delicious flavours.

Our organic herbal teas reflect as well, the high quality standards of our products. They are grown and processed on site, using the best organic techniques, after several years of hard work and continuous research.

Portuguese organic herbal teas offer the most unique and best flavours one can experience.

Herbal Tea, Jam and Cookies product range

Wholesale and retail

We have a full range of products available for the retail and wholesale market, for prices and further information, please contact us.